Qualities of Good Real Estate Agent – DC Fawcett

We would have spent very little time with real estate agent until we get into the process of buying or selling.  And, many of us would be first time buyers or sellers.  You would find it hard to make out an ideal agent from a substandard one.

DC Fawcett says that Each and every buyer is not the same. The experience level and the needs vary.  Those who are initially into the process of buying require lot of guidance.  Those who put in time and money need plenty of information.  Majority of them need help with respect to transaction and guidance when it comes to making decisions.

When it comes to a resort, those who option for buying need added guidance and support.  However much the potential buyer has, it does not add to the credits if there is no actual experience in the market area.  Many of the residences are for an exorbitant rate, and the purchasers possess ample experience.  But, when considering the nature of particular vicinity, a realty agent’s expertise is required.

When you happen to be the representative for purchasers in other varieties of properties, a realty agent’s assistance is needed.  When you take into account the sellers, they prefer disposing their houses immediately and that too for an exorbitant amount.

Many of the sellers do not rely too much on the realty agents.  They want their property to be marketed, and of course Internet has made vast changes to the realty market scenario.

Some quality of Real Estate Agent

  • The ideal realty agent should possess sound interpersonal skills, and should be technology savvy.

  • The real estate agent should be proactive in the sense that they should inform you as soon as possible about your current stand in the purchasing or selling scenario. In this way you can shift your attention to a different property or another buyer. So the key is that there should be communication gap between the realty agent and the buyer or seller.

  • As a good real estate agent, it is very essential to give priority to the clients. The client should feel that he is having someone to rely upon.

  • The real estate agent should perform the work in a streamlined manner. When the sellers want to enhance the selling ability of their property the agents can guide them even with the minutest details. They don’t procrastinate and are punctual in their meetings.

  • Real estate agents are committed to their work and they possess lot of tenacity.

  • Honesty is the most important quality of a real estate agent. The agent should tell the real situation should converse in a straightforward manner. The sellers will not be stressed if the agent gives them an honest account of the current scenario.

  • A good real estate agent will be flexible to the requirements of the clients. The clients’ method of communication may vary and the good agent can adapt themselves accordingly.


DC Fawcett is the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club. He has a good idea of what is working better in the current real estate market.


Dc Fawcett – What is Rehabbing in Real Estate?


Rehabbing a house comes with its own share of difficulty. According to DC Fawcett You should know the reason for going for rehabbing when you venture into this process. Getting the help of a contractor to carry out repairs is a good option.

When you do repair works on your home your budget will also play an important role. Also the time is a major factor. As far as major repairs are concerned you can get the help of a contractor.

Factors in Rehabbing :

There are some factors to be considered when you are planning to perform home improvement in a huge basis.


The time factor is a major concern since you have to allot some time for your family too. The key is that when you there is no free time for you do not endeavor into a big project with lot of time. Be practical in your goal of setting time.


Next comes the money factor. When you don’t have funds for getting the help of a contractor you can be your own renovator. Having said that, you can think over whether the rehab canbe done when you are financially better.


Your ability to carry out the rehabbing work should be the next focus. You may not possess the right rehabbing tool as that of a professional contractor. So the key is the find the appropriate professional contractor.

When you plan to do the rehab all by yourself lay out a plan. Set aside a budget and a timeframe for completing the rehab job. Planning is also helpful since the job will be completed quickly. When you are not able to do some work be free to seek professional assistance.

Using a contractor not only gets the work done more quickly but also doesn’t give stress to you. However, you should start scouting for a contractor very early itself. Having said that, hiring contractor also has its share of issues.

After you hire a professional contractor ensure they don’t burn your pocket and do the work within the time frame. You should definitely supervise them. You can very well pose several questions to them and make them clear that you are observing their work.

We would have made a budget but the rehab would not fall within that. Repairs crop up which you would not have foreseen while laying your budget. When carrying out extra changes ensure that you and your professional contractor are aware of the cost. A bid is generally written in the initial stages. You and your contractor should talk about the changes to the written bid.

As soon as your rehab process is completed you should see to it that everything is carried out as per the plan. Be frank in your clarifications and don’t hesitate to talk to your contractor regarding the worthiness of the work. If you feel that something could have been changed say it.


One thing you should keep in mind is that the better the rehab the quicker is the sale. You may be getting less profit through this but still you can carry this out.

DC Fawcett is the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club. He has invested in several virtual markets and is efficient in rehabbing too.