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DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate investing club

If you are a smart investor, thinking about the innovative ways to invest your money, then what are youwaiting for? All that you need to do is to take a right decision at the right time.

virtual real estate investing

If you are looking for the smart and quick investment, your search ends here. The answer for your query is virtual cash flow real estate. DC Fawcett has explained about the virtual real estate investing in real estate and how does it work.

Virtual real estate investing – Dc Fawcett

DC Fawcett Reviews - Virtual-Real-Estate-Wholesale-Investing-Tips-768x543

DC Fawcett an expert in Real estate investing helps people to grow in real estate business. Get a free virtual real estate investing advice now!

Being a leading real estate investing advisor, DC Fawcett knows each and every part of it and simplifies the approach to others. He knows what current trends are and what works with this industry and how to approach it in a profitable way.

DC Fawcett’s virtual real estate investing club helps people to invest in multiple markets.He has mastered the art of wholesaling and contracts the home with home seller. His efficient marketing tactics drags the potential buyers and he successfully assigns them the contract.

DC Fawcett Real Estate - How to start investing in Real Estate

D C Fawcett real estate guide for beginners

Real estate investment is becoming increasingly popular and it is considered to be a safe option when it comes to investments. But buying and owning the real estate is considered to be a complex process than other investment options.

Internet is loaded with lot of blogs, books and training classes to train the beginners and make them start investing in real estate.

Old method of real estate investing – Rental properties

DC Fawcett Reviews - Old method of real estate investing

This is an old method of investment where a person will buy a house or any Property and rent it to another. Charging a rent from the tenant earns him a hefty profit. But there are lot of disadvantage in this method of investing. This is basically a long term process, you need to invest a large amount of money to buy a property and wait for long time for returns from the rent.

Eventually you may end up with a bad tenant who damages your house and create problems with your agreements etc. Permanent maintenance is also required in rental properties and you need to spend more money in such things.

DC Fawcett Real Estate best virtual Real Estate Investing Systems

Repairing and Renovating the house for profit – Dc Fawcett Reviews

Some house sellers might don’t have money to invest on major renovation or repairs of their houses. At such cases they might sell their house for low price since it needs lot of repair work to be done. You can buy such houses and with efficient sources repair and renovate them for reasonable price. After a pleasant renovation it can be sold for higher price than that of buying price which also includes the repair and renovation charges.

You need to precautious about choosing a renovation company which can work efficiently. Renovating a house for profit value is really easy and all it needs is little bit of effort.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Repairing and Renovating the house for profit

Flipping houses for profit

Buying low and selling high is the only way where profit flows in flipping houses. Location and condition of houses is very important criteria to be noted while flipping the houses for profit. While looking for houses, do a research on rising real estate sales, employment opportunities and other available options which boost up the sale.

While buying the houses for flipping you need to be sure that it is structurally good. Houses near excellent education institutions sell more quickly than others. A thorough inspection is needed before the decision of buying a house or property in an area.

DC Fawcett Real Estate - Flipping houses for profit

The value of the house should be lower than the market value which makes a huge profit. But its hard to find such a house since everyone needs a profit. But by analysing the market with long term goal you can search for a property in any developing area and flip it for huge profit.

If you are a new flippers then probably the biggest mistake you would ever make is buying a property without seeing it. Do not buy house or any other property without a thorough inspection.

Dc Fawcett – What is virtual cash flow investing in real estate?

Cash flow analysis is very important for companies and the investors. It is a complicated process which can leave the investors with the feeling of delegating security analysis. If you wish to make money without involving too many risks, virtual cash flow investing is the solution.

DC Fawcett Reviews 3 steps in buying your first investment property

Virtual cash flow investing in real estate is an art of making money by buying and selling virtual real estate using real money. In this, the investors start investing in the virtual real estate market. This is an online game in which you can start practicing with virtual cash without any investment.  The game’s version is purely for fun, practice and education. Once you become an expert in trading with virtual money, you can start investing real money in which you can buy and sell virtual estate earning real cash. It is similar to online stock trading. When you buy virtual real estate, the structure does not need re-shingling, re-sidling, new furnace, water heater or foundation. The appliances are unbreakable.

The advantages of Virtual cash flow real estate investment

Risk- free- When you use virtual money, you get a good amount of practice while investing in real estate. Even if you lose the game, you don’t lose anything.

Ownership – When you buy a virtual real estate, you become the owner without any legal formalities. You can sell the virtual property to other players and still earn real cash if you put real cash in it.

No Money – The investor can manage the balances, deposit and withdraw the money at their convenience.

Low cost – The virtual real estate cost is low. There is no need to surf for refinance rates and mortgage. At the same time it is not a deal either wherein it is too good to be true.

Practice – Although the real estate technically does not exist, the entrepreneurs get the practice and education to deal with different situations.

Dc Fawcett – Virtual Real Estate Wholesale Investing Tips

DC Fawcett has years of expertise in virtual real estate investing business. He implements virtual investing strategies in his own markets in and around Tampa bay. He also outsources 100% of the work and through virtual real estate market he earns a hefty profit without investing a single penny of his own.

On achieving a great success with his virtual real estate wholesale investing strategies, Fawcett feels proud to share his experiences and his extremely successful real estate strategies with you. To gain more knowledge you can easily download one of our free virtual investing cheat sheets and get started.

DC Fawcett Real Estate - Virtual Real Estate Wholesale Investing Tips

Tips to invest in Virtual Real estate

Real estate investments are profitable, no doubt in that! But can a beginner start investing in real estate with large amount of capital. What are the risks involved in that? You may lose your money if it is not done properly.

To start investing in real estate, there is no need to have thousands of dollars in hand. You can start doing it without buying any physical property.

  • Virtual real estate investing has several important aspects. One of the important aspects is thorough research on property before buying. To estimate the market value price of the property and understand the local market, you can refer to leading property websites. These websites has a database of comparable properties which helps you to gather knowledge on investing

DC Fawcett Real Estate virtual wholesaling

  • You can ask for a loan if you cannot afford to buy a home and by this way you can easily negotiate the purchase of the property. The lending companies and mortgage lenders will easily accept the deal if the size of your loan is big. You can avail the loan easily since the interest rate throughout the country is low. But you need to very careful while selecting the mortgage or lending companies and do a proper research on their reputation.

  • You can search for a seller who needs to sell his house fast due to his urgency. There may be lot of personal issues like relocation, bankruptcy, divorce, financial problems due to which a seller may be open to fund the selling process. You need to find such a person who asks you to close the deal quickly.

  • Seller financing is the quick and easy way to virtual real estate investment. The seller may be interested in funding a loan to close on the deal quickly due to urgent need for money.

DC Fawcett Reviews - Real Estate Market

DC Fawcett’s guide on how to become virtual wholesaling expert

DC Fawcett learnt and mastered the art of virtual real estate wholesaling, rehabbing and cash flow investing. His proprietary real estate investing system techniques helps even novice people to grow in real estate business tremendously

Come and experience the house flipping revolution just by spending 32 minutes. No need to look at a house and search for it! You can easily generate real estate deals just by sitting at home. Forget the traditional old methods of real estate investing and switch on to new method of virtual real estate investment.

We assure that you will get 100% working strategies through which motivated sellers will beg you to take their properties of 50% more equity and your secret buyer contact you to get an early access of next deal. You would know how to find hidden deals in any market which your competition can’t find. You can find the best deals in your town and beat the wholesalers with D C Fawcett’s advice.

DC Fawcett Virtual wholesaling

He leads you to generate 100% autopilot virtual wholesaling machine depositing money into your bank account.


  1. If you are short of virtual cash, then you have to wait till you get it. As such, it can only be used for practice, but it won’t be accepted in real life.

  2. There is a possibility of winning with virtual cash, but you may lose after putting the real cash.

DC Fawcett advice on how to get rid of your house quickly

DC Fawcett Real Estate How to Rid house quickly

Have you got a house which doesn’t sell for months? Follow the real estate expert DC Fawcett advice and get rid of your old house quickly for best resale value.

Selling a home doesn’t always have to be a tedious process. With proper guidance you can do it easily without spending much time and effort. DC Fawcett, a real estate expert, with over years of expertise in the field of real estate, he knows the unique, different and efficient approach to sell a home quickly. These few tactics are the ones which determine the success of the speed house sale.

First step in selling your home

The very first process in selling your home would be, making it ready for sale. Remove all the unwanted clutter before showing it to someone. Nobody wants to see the house as yours, they want to see it as their own future residence. Hence you need to depersonalize the house before putting it up on sale. You can find a temporary place for all your belongings and shift them and make your house ready for sale.

DC Fawcett Reviews Improve Your Curb Appeal

Best time in the year to sell your home

You can get a fair deal when you know how and when to sell your home in a year? Does it make any sense? It surely does. In certain period of time you can get a right deal by putting your house on market. As reports say mid spring is said to be such season where you can attract many potential buyers and get market value price. Parents of school children often move to a new area during the beginning of an academic year. The soothing climatic condition from March to June also provides a great opportunity to sell a house faster. Selling a house can be a lot easier in this period than others and it pays more fruitful results.

General suggestion to sell your house faster – Dc Fawcett Real Estate Tips

Fixing the right price for your home

Overpricing the house should be avoided at any cost since it may affect the speed sale of the house. Keep the price as low as possible since it attracts more buyers. The buyer may move on to next house in your neighbourhood if you are overpricing the home. Compare the prices of houses in your neighbourhood by referring to multiple listing websites and fix the best deal for your house.

Make your home look appealing 

Enhancing the appearance of your home helps to boost up the house sale. Depersonalize the home and make it look like someone else place. You don’t have to invest in major renovation since it may or may not return back while selling. But you can do some repairs and renovations and make your house look appealing. Give a fresh coat of paint, change the torn carpets and repair the door knobs.

DC Fawcett Reviews Improve Your Curb Appeal

Inspect the house

Inspect the house thoroughly and get rid of minor flaws before selling. Make some small improvement needed while putting your house up for sale. Remove or replace the old furniture since it speaks the volume of the house. You can also use some space widening or an illusion technique which helps your home to look bigger than actually it is.

Painting your house with light colours like white and pink, makes your home look bigger. To add value to your house you can provide some leisure features like kitchen garden, furnished wardrobes etc. The real estate market might be slow when you are in a hurry to sell your home. But, these simple yet effective tips enables you to sell your home easily.


There are pros and cons for everything.DC Fawcett  Virtual cash flow may not be suited all the investors as you would have to buy the virtual real estate by paying the real cash. However, you can accumulate real profits in your pocket.









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DC Fawcett Real estate – Loan Modification Scams


When a company or an individual asks for a fee to work with one’s lender to modify one’s loan and do nothing to save one’s home from foreclosure, it is called as a Loan Modification Scams.


DC Fawcett says that Loan modification is usually used to forestall foreclosure of homes. But scammers take advantage of loan modification.”There were about 35000 loan modification complaints  recorded by Neighbor Works America from the period of 2009 to 2013,” says DC Fawcett – a real estate investor and educator.

Dc-fawcett-real estate-tips-on-mortgageMany loan modification scams begin with a voluntary call to offer services for lowering mortgage payments or to completely escape from foreclosure. In case of mass re joinder law suites against unscrupulous money lenders, the caller usually asks for fees in advance. This fees is the indicator of a scam because while there are mass re joinder law suites, lawyers don’t take money until a legal decision is taken.

 Some scammers offer to review your foreclosure documents to check if the moneylender is complying with local and state laws. They usually demand fees for that. In worst cases, the deed or title to your home is usually surrendered unknowingly or with the hope that you can rent out the home in future or purchase it back. These occur in scenarios known as bait and switch ploys.

Seven suspects were charged of loan modification scams in 2014. They fleeced desperate homeowners who were trying to keep their homes during times of crisis. They told them that they had contacts with money lenders who would lower the monthly payments. Homeowners  were told that they would obtain a refund if they were dissatisfied with the terms. These suspects charged upfront fees for that .

Dc Fawcett Reviews – How to avoid loan modification scams

Any company that guarantees loan modification or foreclosure is a prospective scammer. Generally, attorneys and lawyers only promise to do their best to help. Modification of a loan depends on many factors such as financial position of both the borrower and the investor. Those who guarantee outcomes without considering the implication of these factors are cheats. So one should look out for them.

Dc-fawcett-real estate-tips-on-mortgage-reviewsAny company or individual who asks one to sign blank documents is a scammer. Lawful companies and authentic lawyers will never ask one to sign something without reading and comprehending. This is done only by scammers who will add information later and DC Fawcett give many suggestions to maintain rental properties.

Dc-fawcett-real estate-mortgage-review

Some individuals may pose as a forensic loan auditor. They are also scammers.It will offer to review documents related to one’s loan. To tell one that this report can be used for loan modification purposes and the charge fees for that but will often not do anything in return.

Dc-fawcett-real estate-tips-on-mortgage (2)Often phony seminars are scams. These seminars offer one free tickets initially. But when one goes there, one finds out that those free tickets were given to make one purchase tickets to additional seminars. The scammers make it sound as if these seminars are amazing but they usually have nothing great.

Dc Fawcett Tips – How To Keep Safe From Real Estate Scams And Fraud

One cannot afford to be gullible in case of a real estate transaction. The con artists are also former real estate professionals who make use of the real estate procedure.


Here are some warning signalsgiven by dc fawcett for you to safeguard with regard to real estate scams. You can be judicious while you are dealing with purchasing, renting or selling any property.

  • You should never carry out the deal in a fast manner. It may be a very good deal and you want to grab it, but you have to ask questions. If you are a renter you should get inside the property rather than seeing the house just from outside.

  • Some former real estate agents may be so convincing that you won’t believe that they are con artists. They will have a page in business to business social media platforms like LinkedIn and it would give outdated info or wrong info that the victim believes to be correct. There are also unlicensed professionals who are still in the process of selling properties. So it’s wise that you ask for the license of the agent.

    Dc-fawcett-real estate-tips-on-mortgage-scam (2)

  • Some sellers will consciously sell off properties that have issues. But they will give a picture as though the property is seamless. So it’s prudent to pose as many questions about the property including the reason for selling off the property etc.

  • Be sure of what you are involving yourself into. The key is to carry out the homework and get a professional and legitimate real estate agent to help you in the whole procedure. You can get property details through a title company. This helps you to cognize who is adhering to law in case of owning real estate.

  • You may have a feeling that there is something wrong but you would not have paid heed to your gut feeling. So the key is you should not ignore your gut feeling. There are some real estate agents who make the home buyers to give false details so that the loan application looks good. You may get the deal across but that implies that you also got involved in the fraud. So it’s good to say a big no to a transaction if you are not comfortable with it.Dc-fawcett-real estate-tips-on-mortgage-tips


  • One has to be extra careful in case of scams related to rentals. This is due to the reason that this is the only fraud where the attorney is not involved. In case of purchasing houses it’s a different case. Banks are extra careful that you don’t involve in a purchase deal where you are not the owner of the property.

When you have a partner these are the suggestions to stay away from real estate scams:

  • Partnering is good when you have dependable partners in lucrative markets.

  • You can put forth some prudent questions to your partner including the reason for the deal being good, how can you be safeguarded from the partner going away with your money etc.

  • If a person offers a deal ask your real estate attorney to analyze it carefully.

    Dc Fawcett Suggestions  – Be cautious of the foreclosure scams

    As bad luck would have it, there are a huge amount of fraudulent companies which claim to come to your aid when there are imminent foreclosures.  These companies wait to lay the bait for you and cheat you.  These companies call themselves as the consultants with regard to foreclosure and as the foreclosure specialists.  Before choosing any of these fraudulent outfits, check out the credentials and business credibility through sources as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    One has to know how the foreclosure scam specialists get to know him.  They usually find it in the foreclosure listing in the local newspaper.  Very soon, call start pouring in trying to deceive you into a deal.Dc-fawcett-reviews-real estate-scams

    There are various methods adapted by the fraudulent companies to cheat homeowners.  The tricks that they adapt are

    • Equity Skimming
    • Equity Stripping
    • Fishy Counseling Agencies
    • Lender Scams
    • Fishy Loan Transaction
    • Internet and Phone Scams

    Foreclosure is a very serious issue.  If sufficient care is not immediately taken, you may lose your home and your credit score is also damaged.  One has to have complete knowledge regarding the foreclosure and find out the exact mortgage assistance companies that pull you out of the difficulty.  When proper attention is not paid to the difficulty, fraudulent foreclosure companies will start laying the bait.  Next to your family, your home is the valuable property that you retain.  One should not allow fishy companies to take him for a ride.Dc-fawcett-reviews-on-real estate-scam


Dc Fawcett Reviews – Some tips on real estate scams

With the boom in the real estate industry, real estate investments have been shooting up rapidly. With an increase in the real estate investments, scams too are occurring frequently. In this article, DC Fawcett gives guidelines on the various types of scams, how consumers can protect themselves from scams and the indicators of scams.

Dc-fawcett-reviews-real estate-scamDC Fawcett Real Estate  – Types of scams

Property rented by people with no leasing rights

Those who don’t have leasing rights on their properties rent them to potential tenants. They then disappear with the first month’s rent, security deposit and sometimes even the prepaid rent.

 Dc-Fawcett-scam - real-estate-scams

Charging future tenants with money for background verification

Prospective tenants are asked to pay money for background checks. When hundreds and thousands of tenants pay this, a lot of deposit is accumulated by the scammer.

Copying legal advertisements and posting it with their own details

Scammers often copy legitimate advertisements and post it with their own contact information. They then make some excuses for not being able to show the property. The tenants are then convinced to pay without seeing the property beforehand. Once the scammer gets the money, he vanishes

Fake cheques

Scammers contact the property owners who have advertised their homes on the internet. They then transact rental prices and send cheques to the owners. The cheques are written in excess of the actual rental amount. The scammers demand a refund of the excess amount, saying that they will back out if they do not get the refund. So the owners pay the refund. But, the owners find out that the cheques are counterfeit when they deposit it in the bank.

The crime doer actually shows the buildings to the potential tenants.

In these scams, the scammers are actually show the buildings to the tenants. Tenants then move in only to be told by the bank that the property does not belong to the scammer.

Dc Fawcett Tips – Ways to avoid scams

People should be cautious of scams:

Potential tenants should verify the renter’s personal details like income, track record and others and follow up closely with the individual

People should never wire funds to strangers

People should check the security deposit amount in their state before paying.

People should check with the county recorder to know who owns the property that they are going to rent

They should check the authenticity of the property owner by calling the property manager.

People should ask the owner for an application. If they fail to produce one, it is a scam.

They should not receive checks with over payment.

There are plenty of scams occurring in the realestate industry. For example: This complaint was received by the programming manager of a non-profit firm which had campaigned for loan modification. A fake company posing as a government-affiliated housing agency had cheated the unsuspecting homeowner out of $10,000 promising loan modification. After giving cash for phony “processing fees”, the victim was left five figures poorer with no mortgage relief in sight. So people should be careful about scams. The tips given by DC Fawcett will be of great help.

Dc Fawcett – Steering Clear Of The Foreclosure Scams

After a day of arduous work what people expect is the comfort of their homes and being with their families.  Many years would pass by before you raise your dream home and stuff it with pleasant memories.  But, a few missed payments of the mortgage would snatch the home away. The very idea of foreclosure is a bad nightmare for many.  In this article, let us go through options that could be adapted to avoid foreclosure. Also let us skim through methods to evade the foreclosure scam.

Dc Fawcett Real EstateThe Nightmare of Foreclosure

There is the lingering fear of foreclosure that many homeowners suffer from.  In some cases, unexpected financial crunch, loss of job, exorbitant medical expenditure, divorce or a person dying in the family can influence homeowner’s affordability to furnish his or her payments of the mortgage. A foreclosure happens when one lags behind in payment of the mortgage, thus making the lender retain your property.

In some cases the property is less valuable than the actual amount you have to pay to the lender.  This leads to a complication of things, and it enables the lender to take up a deficiency judgment.  The deficiency judgment depicts the difference between actual price of the property and the amount that you have to pay to the owner.  If such a thing happens, one will not be able to retain his property. Also, he or she will need to pay an extra amount.

In the worst scenario, deficiency judgments and foreclosures will influence the credit score very badly.  The foreclosure will remain in the credit report for more than seven to ten years.  This will reveal to the future lenders that you might not be a suitable borrower.  Things will get difficult for one to retain a mortgage of avail of a loan in the near future.

Be cautious of the foreclosure scams

As bad luck would have it, there are a huge amount of fraudulent companies which claim to come to your aid when there are imminent foreclosures.  These companies wait to lay the bait for you and cheat you.  These companies call themselves as the consultants with regard to foreclosure and as the foreclosure specialists.  Before choosing any of these fraudulent outfits, check out the credentials and business credibility through sources as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

One has to know how the foreclosure scam specialists get to know him.  They usually find it in the foreclosure listing in the local newspaper.  Very soon, call start pouring in trying to deceive you into a deal.

There are various methods adapted by the fraudulent companies to cheat homeowners.  The tricks that they adapt are

  • Equity Skimming
  • Equity Stripping
  • Fishy Counseling Agencies
  • Lender Scams
  • Fishy Loan Transaction
  • Internet and Phone Scams

Foreclosure is a very serious issue.  If sufficient care is not immediately taken, you may lose your home and your credit score is also damaged.  One has to have complete knowledge regarding the foreclosure and find out the exact mortgage assistance companies that pull you out of the difficulty.  When proper attention is not paid to the difficulty, fraudulent foreclosure companies will start laying the bait.  Next to your family, your home is the valuable property that you retain.  One should not allow fishy companies to take him for a ride.

DC Fawcett Reviews – 3 Most Common Short Sale Scams

A short sale is a sale in which the proceeds obtained from the sale is less than the balance owed on the mortgage covering the sale. DC Fawcett reviews the 3 most common short sale scams.

Dc-fawcett-reviews-real estate-short-saleUnrevealed payments

This is a short sale scam committed by junior lenders, sellers, real estate agents  and short sale negotiators. Primary lenders approve the short sales but they place a limit on the amounts received by the junior lenders. This leaves them dissatisfied and unhappy. In turn, they ask the sellers to pay them amounts off the settlement clause. Sellers end up paying these undisclosed payments. When they do this, they are subject to short sale frauds. How do they know if the money lenders would have approved of the short sales if they had known about the undisclosed payment?


 Short sale flopping

In flopping scams, the tricksters are the buyers of the properties. They show the properties as worth very less to the lenders. Offers to buy at higher rates are hidden from the lenders, as they would approve those prices instead. So, the lenders approve the short sales at lower prices instead. Then tricksters contact other bona-   -fide buyers and arrange the properties to be sold at high prices. They ensure that the transactions close at the same time as the short sales and keep the differential  amounts with them. Short sale flopping affect the sellers because they are held responsible for the shortages in the amounts. Even if they are forgiven for the shortages, they cannot escape taxes on the insufficient amounts.

Dc-fawcett-reviews-real estate-short-sale-scam-tipsExploitative short sale negotiators

Some fraudsters call themselves as short sale negotiators and take advantage of the highly motivated sellers and buyers. They collect upfront fees from sellers and offer to provide services for short sales. They do nothing in return. When sellers hire short sale negotiators, they should contact the agency of the state to check if negotiators should be licensed. If they should be, then they have to verify whether they are. So, sellers should read documents carefully or they can take the help of an attorney or housing agency to do so. Authentic and successful real estate agents can help.

Danger signals for short sale scams – Dc Fawcett Reviews

Danger signals as analyzed by DC Fawcett are :

  • Off the settlement statement payments
  • The buyer is phony or purchasing under the power of an attorney
  • The purchasing agreement contains a clause stating that the buyer can resell
  • Upfront fees
  • Fees required to be paid outside the escrow
  • Short sale negotiator is not licensed

Before coming to short sale scams, people have to decide whether a short sale is really good for them. DC Fawcett says Short sales are often done to increase the credit score. But, this is not a guaranteed result. Also when sellers short sell, they are liable to taxes on the deficient amount. Short sales do not necessarily cancel the remaining debt on the mortgage. There are other alternatives to short sales like loan modification, modification of foreclosure deeds and others. But if somebody is doing a short sale, he has to do it carefully.

Dc-fawcett-reviews-real estate-short-sale (2)Dc Fawcett – Wholesaling Mistakes Made By Realtors

DC Fawcett Real estate wholesaling

People are interested in real estate investment because of the simple reason that it is a rewarding career. However, the hurdle which most of them face is, they don’t have immediate cash. They believe there is no better kick-start in their career other than wholesaling and enter in flip and fix game of becoming a landlord which is the better way to start. However, there are many pitfalls that realtors have to face. DC Fawcett discusses the common blunders made they make on this topic.

Dc-fawcett-reviews-real estate-fraudDc Fawcett Scam – Wholesaling Mistakes Made By Realtors

If you think wholesaling is one of the best ways to make money, there is no doubt about it. You are on the right track. However, you need to understand the pros and cons so you avoid the mistakes as a beginner or otherwise. One small mistake in this field can prove to be very costly, which needs to be avoided. We will be discussing the wholesaling mistakes below.


  1. Overpaying – This is one of the common mistakes the realtors make. This basically because of ignorance or insufficient knowledge about this trade. The wholesalers need to gather a lot of information and do plenty of market research so they won’t end up overpaying.

  1. No marketing – Marketing plays a very important role in any business especially the real estate. You need to keep marketing the property using the marketing strategies. However, this is another mistake which many make when they don’t take the trouble to market the property. One cannot expect to sell the property unless the buyers are aware of it.Dc-fawcett-reviews-real estate-wholasler-tips


  1. Wasting time – Many wholesalers spend more time on Search Engine optimization, social media short sales, and Daisy chain emails. Instead of this, you as a wholesaler need to target the pavement and get the buyer and seller leads.

  1. No emergency cash – Though, you need not carry any money initially does not mean you should not have cash in case of emergency. As a wholesaler, you will sell the contract to the investor who approaches you to inquire about the property before taking a decision to buy it. If you are unable to find the buyer, you would still be paying for the property.

  1. Ignoring the buyer’s needs – This is the main thing which the wholesalers ignore in the pretext of making a sale to earn a profit, not realizing that it will affect their business in the long run. If the buyer feels they don’t get much benefit in buying the property, they will negotiate a lower price. If they negotiate a very low price, it will eat up your profit. To avoid this, you need to put yourself in their boots.

  1. Not crunching the numbers – Before signing any deal, you need to analyze whether it is worth buying. For this, you need to get After Repair Value (ARV) from the real estate agent and calculate 70% of the ARV and deduct t from the wholesaler’s fee. The number should match with your Maximum Allowance Offer (MAO)


One must always be cautious of scams as they result in heavy losses. DC Fawcett is well-equipped in Virtual Real Estate Investing. He is adept at rehabbing, wholesaling etc. in virtual markets where he does not reside. He also provides free Virtual Real Estate advice that is written on his blogs.These tips above, by DC Fawcett will surely help in identifying and avoiding scams.


























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DC Fawcett Most Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes

Real Estate Investment  has been “The thing” in people’s mind. When they think about making big money as the demand for real estate? is ever present as people need properties for various reasons. But in most cases real estate investments are heavily re-sellable and with it comes a lot of economic advantages. The motivation behind is very clear, which is to become rich and/or to have stable source of income. But this is also a market which is as risky as it gets as it deals with people and their hard earned money. When those two are clubbed together? a lot can go wrong. If things aren’t done right and in that light here’s a review from DC Fawcett’s most common real estate mistakes. People make when it comes to real estate investments and to avoid them.

Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes

Not Doing Your Homework

Real Estate Investments and Sales is a discipline like every other profession and getting into it. Without proper guidance and research can spell doom to you and your family. Thus it is always recommended to gain as much knowledge as you can about real estate investments and sales. Try attending seminars or reading books or even going through online crash courses (There’s plenty of them including one from DC Fawcett Real Estate Investing Advice as well) and then start breaking eggs!.

Heart Over Head

Real Estate Investment is a costly affair but most of them times it’s also an emotion driven activity. By letting your emotions cloud your judgement you might not actually. Put your best efforts in negotiating a proper deal which leads to loss or even trickery.  Constantly ask yourself with questions like – Will it provide the kind of returns that you expect? Will this location attract tenants? Will it have more re-sale value?.

Always go with logical reasoning rather than going with what appeals to you and your family’s lifestyle and preferences. Because at the end of the day it is a business not a home affair.

Buying the Wrong Property/Buying Without Seeing and Checking the Property

Many times people commit this “sin” of buying a property without actually seeing and checking it. Thoroughly in person, which in most cases leads to people investing in the wrong property. Prospective investors have to be cautious as the ads and agents might not reveal every nitty-gritty detail of the deal. It is always advised to check everything in person multiple times and here at DC Fawcett Real Estate Investments that’s one of the biggest advice that we give to our clients.

Trusting Everything a Real Estate Advertisement Says

Don’t take everything that you read or hear as a fact, there are many faulty ads out there that you need to be aware of! But how do you identify them? Well just by following this old adage of “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” or by hiring an experienced agent/agency.

Not Hiring an Agent and/or Hiring the Wrong Agent

Real Estate business is a puzzle with its own set of hurdles and it’s always advised to hire an agent. who can help you out with all the procedures? involved and to deal with things that you don’t know how to, because let’s face it. If you are not a real estate agent yourself then there’s a lot that you don’t know about this field just like how you might know how to do a cardiac surgery if you aren’t a cardiac surgeon so always hire an agent but the right agent that you need for your requirements. But how to pick the right agent? Well you can either go by their reputation or if he/she is a newcomer treat your first meeting with them as an interview. Because at the end of the day they are going to work for you!.


It is everyone’s dream to make big money and have secondary and back up sources of income and most of them turn to real estate investments for this need and the suggestions given above by DC Fawcett are some of the many pointers to have a hassle free experience which can be followed by aspiring realtors when you are planning to invest in real estate next time follow these tips for better results. Luckily this isn’t the end as DC-Fawcett Real Estate Investment Club offers more insight and guidance through their online courses and materials to make your journey in the world of real estate investments more fruitful and happy.


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DC Fawcett Real Estate Money basics

Individual state laws and real estate regulations control the use of earnest money in day-to-day real estate transactions. Those who are involved in real estate transactions need to know the state rules very well regarding the earnest money. Especially the failed transaction with dispute.

DC Fawcett is well known in the real estate market. He can tell you about real estate earnest money.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Money basics

Facts about real estate earnest money

Here are the facts about real estate earnest money.

  1. Earnest money is a deposit that the buyer makes to the seller, thereby gaining the seller’s trust in a transaction. It is very often used in real estate transactions and allows the buyer to take extra time while seeking finance. For both, buyer and the seller hold the earnest money in a trust or escrow account.

  2. The escrow account shows the seller about buyer’s genuine interest in buying the property. Once the transaction gets through, it is treated as a down payment. If the transaction falls through, the buyer may not be able to claim for the deposit. However, the seller cancels the deal. The buyer will get back the deposit amount.

  3. If the buyer is unable to purchase the property as per the agreement. The third party like real estate agent or the title company holds the money. Till it is closed where it is applied to the cost price.

  4. In some states, the seller is entitled to keep the earnest money on breach of contract. The seller can also force the buyer to purchase the property if the latter checks the box.

Earnest Money – Advantages

  1. Good Faith deposit

    When the buyer and the seller enter the contract, the earnest money deposit will set the offer for you among other applicants. VA loan process approves the loan.

  2. Buyer Protection

    If the buyer issues the check as earnest money check, it means that he/she is a genuine buyer. It helps the seller to get the attention they are worth. A solid contract between both the parties supplemented with earnest deposit. Shows that both the parties have the resources and interest to sign the deal. If the buyer builds up a good relationship with the seller by means of showing good will, with sufficient deposit, they will be in a good position to negotiate more favorable terms.

  3. Seller Protection

    Buyers will lose their earnest money if they falter on a real estate transaction. It gives a financial guarantee to the seller that the buyer will not withdraw from the contract without any genuine reason.

  4. Flexibility

    The earnest money differs depending on the area you live. To determine the local customs of the state, the best thing is to converse with an experienced real estate agent and negotiate with them. The price on the particular property depends on the market competitiveness and other market oriented factors.


  1. Escrow money works out only if the buyer and the seller are authentic.

  2. If the house cannot pass the inspection, the buyer can walk out of the contract with the refund. This is a disadvantage to the seller.


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How To Become a Flourishing Real Estate Agent – DC Fawcett


In this article, DC Fawcett, a popular real estate investor and mentor, gives you tips on how to become a successful real estate agent.

Planning is the most important

While reading up and conversing with people in the field are important, the most crucial step is to plan ahead for the things that follow. According to DC Fawcett Without this you are unlikely to taste success.


Have an extra source of income

There should be an additional source of income at the start of your career. As a beginner, you may get nil commission or may not get regular commission. So until you get set, keep your day job or save up at least for a year. Then you will still be able to pay your bills without commission.

Choose a tutor with sound training

You cannot do it all by yourself. It’s almost impossible to gain proper knowledge about the real estate business without tutelage. So, choose a mentor with fine training and experience to teach you or offer to assist him in deals. Get involved in various deals and learn the various steps in selling. You have to know how to comprehend and elucidate real estate documents like liens, encumbrances, title insurance and so on. When you practice alone, it will be much easier if you have seen these documents already.

Create an efficient contact management system

As a real estate agent, you have to work with many people like loan officers, mortgage brokers, inspectors, buyers, sellers, investors and others. So, you will have to find a systematic way to note down these contacts, locate information about them and follow them up when required. Hence, you need to form a methodical contact management system.

Use the web

Use the internet to contact buyers and sellers. Some of the old timers may tell you that it’s not a necessity and their business may continue to flourish due to an established track record. But you need the web to pool in customers. So invest capital for creating a solid web presence.


From the above paragraphs, you can arrive at the following conclusions. For a real estate agent, it’s not really hard to get the license. The real challenges open up when you enter the field and do not have inflow of cash for the first 3-6 months or beyond that. Friends and relatives whom you thought would buy or sell may put down their hands in the last minute or make you wait for a long time.

Saving ahead for 6 months or beyond will help. While, initially you start contacting people through the telephone, you have to build a strong online process for this eventually. You can invest part of your savings for building this online contact management channel. You have to gain practical skills by associating with a senior real estate agent who is knowledgeable and experienced. Before you set your foot into the actual business, you should have a proper plan. On the whole, being a real estate agent is a prospective career in spite of initial hiccups.


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