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Laying the bait for the best real estate partner – DC Fawcett


Your Real Estate Partner is an important criterion in the entrepreneurial career. Choosing the appropriate real estate partner should be done with much discretion. Else, you might be in for trouble. There are some people who have had the opportunity to get the appropriate real estate partner.DC Fawcett says  Many people might wonder as to how these people got such lifelong partners and friends.

Real estate partner

Some Tips To Get the Appropriate Real Estate Partner

  • Underlying strengths beyond weaknesses

    The above title may sound less interesting and frequently used. But you have to know how skill-sets and characteristic traits outweigh each other. If there is already an existing partnership, make out who is better at certain things and allocate duties suitably. One of the partners might be in the internet world, and yet another may be in call centers. The one holding expertise in the internet may maintain e-commerce, SEO, and ad words. The one in the call center may go in for Customer Relationship and Management. Some people will have a good personality in handling customers. The other might hold expertise in Business to Business negotiations.

  • What have you actually succeeded in?

    There are certain things that could be put in the entrepreneurial resume. But, you cannot list out things that you possibly can do. Although it might be the first entrepreneurial venture, one might show interest in getting promotion in their works by being dedicated. This adds to the value in the entrepreneurial resume.

  • See who has sustained more scars in the real estate business

    One should go exactly for those who are weather beaten and who have borne the brunt in the market. Instead of choosing a fresher who has done MBA, it would be advisable to choose one who has failed at least once in the market.

  • Standard Practices that could be adapted:
    • Smash your ego:

      Be it realty or real life, the biggest hindrance will come in the form of ego. When one thinks he does not have ego, then it means that he is getting drenched in it. One cannot ever smash his ego, but one could be cautious of it. When one cannot control his ego, communicating with others becomes extremely difficult. When there is no proper communication, failure would follow in no matter of time.

    • Cautious communication:

      You cannot automatically communicate from somewhere else. It requires your presence in the place. When there is a lingering trouble, you need to go for discussion with utmost care. Fights and heated conversations could be avoided with discreet communication. Being right or wrong does not matter; it is actually about developing in the market scenario. You have to stay focused and you should have a clear objective.

    • Taking time to develop acquaintances:

      One needs to maintain acquaintances beyond the work scenario. You might be sharing work with an acquaintance in an office alone. But that is just not enough, and you should carry the friendship outside the office. Developing acquaintances could be fun and it prevents split in relationship with the acquaintance.

    • Going for counterbalance:

      We develop a habit of playing the role of devil’s advocate, even when we are in the same standpoint. One should be able to criticize at the right moment. You might have entertained the idea of purchasing a property in a place. Even your partners might be ready to be part of the deal. But suddenly, during the day when the property is bought, decisions might change. Also, all of the partners might have gone for a change of mind. After reflecting for a period of time, one would know that playing the devil’s advocate was just the right option.



As a final note, one should take time with the acquaintances to assist in reminiscing of the good times together and common interests that are entertained. One does not need to be very close with the other. But developing an acquaintance really matters.

Dc Fawcett , the founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club, has shared many advises on his blog. He has given tips on how to develop acquaintances and one may get sound knowledge after reading those blogs. These blogs also provide knowledge on real estate investment.


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DC Fawcett’ Real Estate suggestions for the year of 2017

Exceeding demands and lesser rates of interest have been promoting sales of houses in 2016. And 2017, is going to be one big year, although with a few limitations. Here are the few real estate suggestions from DC Fawcett.

Home prices have started to go for a steep hike. Particularly, in secondary markets, homes are found to be distributed in areas with exorbitant prices.

The vicinities of Seattle, Portland and Denver will perform well in the real estate market in the year of 2017.  The growth of price is expected to be around 10 percent or 11 percent.  If there is a hike in the rate of mortgage in the year of 2017, normalcy will be restored to the sales. There will be only a smaller price appreciation.

Real Estate suggestions

The market scenario is likely to be in favor of the seller in 2017. And, by the year of 2018, there will be exceptions with regard to cities as the Atlantic, New Jersey, and Detroit.

As we are going through the latter half of the decade, ownership of home is a viable long term hold and the choicest savings plan.

Real Estate Suggestions

Here are some Real Estate Suggestions from DC Fawcett to keep in touch with the latest market scenario:

    1. Those who buy for first time – Get the home now:

      Those who want to purchase home should do it right away.  Umpteen homes sales are inclined to be for the buyers who are purchasing home for the first time.  The bidding wars are likely to be vehement in the spring.  Also, there will be a very scant inventory this year.  There will also be less competition for a single unit. There will be a greater amount of aspiring sellers.

    2. Those who sell – Hire the appropriate agent:

      Sellers should spend time on skimming for the appropriate agent.  In case of a bad hire, it can cause loss to the seller, and arduous waiting for many months.

      One has to view the agent’s online marketing material and listings.  Does it furnish a good photo or a video? One has to see whether the descriptions are accurate and relevant, and whether they are without much exaggeration.

      One has to confine the search to just a couple of agents.  Keep it in mind to request for sales reports and listings.

    3. Those who are buying – There are plenty of loan options

      Those who are not able to acquire the mortgages can easily get financing of mortgages.  The alluring interest-alone loans have popped up on the menu once again.  Just steer clear of those loans.

    4. For Renters – This might be the best time to purchase

      In many scenarios, rents have a steep hike than the value of the homes. It has to be noted that the rate of mortgages are low.  There is an impending rise of renters who have turned into buyers.  This is the case if they are to be in the place for 10 years after purchasing.

    5. For Sellers – The Option is always open:

      No sooner than you plan to dispose a property, it could materialize. All that is needed is to raise greenery in front of the property.

    6. Sellers and buyers – Make out the market:

      When the inventory goes up, there is the potential buyer’s market.  Sellers must be more diligent about slashing of the prices and the credits that they can acquire.

    7. Buyers – Be careful when buying near a waterside

      While buying near a waterside, be careful about the harsh realities of weather and insurance.  Many people along the coast are forced to buy flood insurance. Some home sellers and agents very easily get away with not revealing the realities.  So, accurate questions have to be raised by the buyers, and they will have to continue researching on their own.


One can get more suggestions regarding the real estate through the blogs by Dc Fawcett. The Founder of the Virtual Real Estate Investing Club. That is the right place to see what is visible in the present real estate scenario – buying, selling, or renting.