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Sell My House Fast Which Is My Rental Property

Interviewing Prospective Tenants for Your Rental Property

It’s time to get ready for the renters in your investment properties in Tulsa, OK now that you’ve figured out your investment strategy. However, before you put on your landlord hat and start conducting interviews, you must be informed of the local, state, and federal laws that govern discrimination and your tenant screening criteria.

Of course, every landlord looks for the ideal renter, one that never damages the property and pays on time, renewing their lease year after year. Your cash stream is unsteady no matter how sound your investment is if you don’t have good tenants. Successful real estate investment portfolios are built on the foundation of good tenants.

But how do you sort through the hundreds of applicants to find these gems? Read on as we explore four tips for interviewing prospective tenants for your Tulsa, OK rental property.


Prescreening prospective tenants for your Glenpool, OK rental property is our first recommendation. Because going through all applicants and filtering down the candidates saves time and money, sorting through all applicants and narrowing down the candidates is a time and money saver.

Interviewing Prospective Tenants for Your Rental Property

You’ll explain the approval procedure and ask them to fill out the application, as well as the factors you’ll use for approval and what they can expect if they’re authorised. Explain that you will conduct a thorough background and credit check, as well as contacting references. Often, just the threat of thorough investigation will sort out many unworthy applicants of their own accord. If they haven’t run away yet at this point in the process, then the probability is that they aren’t concerned about what you will find in your searches.

Background and Credit

The initial application process is not the time to go with your gut or skip a step because you have a good feeling about a potential tenant, which brings us to our next point for interviewing potential tenants for your Tulsa rental property. First, conduct a thorough background and credit check on each and every applicant. Previous evictions are a red flag that should be treated with caution, but you should be fair in your assessment and treat each situation individually. Circumstances in life can cause blips on our credit history; consider how they have resolved their credit issues. If there is a criminal record and they have paid their debt to society, carefully weigh the type of crime and how much time has passed since the last incident. Take the time to ensure that you’re not placing someone with a long and uninterrupted history of violent crimes into your properties. 


Take your time while interviewing potential renters for your Tulsa rental property, and don’t be in a rush to get responses; let them speak for themselves. These personal relationships can provide information about a renter that no amount of data on an application can. You should look for personal contacts who can provide insight into the type of lifestyle your prospective renter leads, as well as employers who can provide stability and past landlords who can provide insight into the kind of tenant experience you may expect from this candidate.

We Buy Houses Fast Oklahoma

Hire We Buy Houses Fast Oklahoma to manage your rental property; our final recommendation for interviewing potential renters for your Tulsa rental property is to leave it to the professionals. Who better to interview potential renters than professionals with the most experience, such as those at We Buy Houses Fast Oklahoma? There’s no need for you to reinvent the tenant screening wheel now that We Buy Houses Fast Oklahoma has a robust system in place. If you’re ready to entrust this crucial aspect of property management to the professionals, We Buy Houses Fast Oklahoma can assist you. We Buy Houses Fast Oklahoma can be reached at (539) 664-8033.

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