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What You Should Know About Buyer Credits When Buying a House in York, PA

Know About Buyer Credits When Buying a House in York

Every buyer hopes that the home they are interested in will be in excellent shape, the seller will be extremely motivated, and the closing process would be straightforward, but this is rarely the case. Let’s discuss what you need to know about buyer credits when buying a home in York, PA so that you may make the most of your next real estate transaction.

What Are Buyer Credits?

Looking forward to the fees you will incur at closing once your offer has been accepted and you are well on your way to closing becomes essential to the success of your home purchase.

Buyer credits can be spelled out in the closing contract so that you can have some of your closing costs paid for by the seller. The idea here is that the seller makes certain concessions to assist make the purchase more tempting to the buyer, or perhaps maybe preserve the entire contract if the buyer’s financing is actually on shaky footing.

The seller has no obligation to ensure that the buyer’s finances are in order, but they do have the power to somewhat strengthen the buyer’s position through the use of buyer credits.

Know About Buyer Credits When Buying a House in York


Out of all of the most practical uses of buyer credits, repairs are the easiest angle. 

It’s crucial to make notes during walkthrough and open houses regarding anything favorable or unfavorable about the property as well as any major issues that come up. Code infractions and really necessary repairs can also be utilized to your advantage during negotiations.

While putting these notes together is a fantastic beginning step, any inspections will uncover the really unpleasant facts. And any home inspection’s main goal is to make sure the house is in living shape and ensure that the buyer is well-informed.


Pushing for buyer credits as a result of the home’s obvious need for updating comes in second to repairs in terms of bargaining success. There are likely to be some homes you visit where some rooms or regions are woefully out of date and require much more than a thorough cleaning to bring them up to date.

Where repairs are easier to use as leverage during negotiations, upgrades might still work to your advantage. This usually works effectively for properties being sold after an elderly owner vacates the premises and the person’s family wants to quickly dispose of the property. The family is likely to appreciate that giving the buyer some leeway on closing is a huge benefit to sealing the sale if the owner hasn’t kept up with the times.

Some vendors who have extremely outdated properties will mention the need for upgrades in their listing and include information on any upfront credits they intend to offer.

Have Realistic Expectations

Given everything we’ve discussed, you must exercise caution when requesting these buyer credits. It is rarely a recipe for success to enter negotiations expecting to gain major leverage by quickly dismantling the house.

To determine whether it is appropriate to move forward to obtain buyer credits, take some time to get to know the seller. At the same time, be sure to bear in mind the conditions of your local market. If an owner has already provided credits in their listing, don’t anticipate any additional lenience from them. They probably believe they have purposefully exposed their cards, and they want you to do the same.

Help Understanding Buyer Credits in York, PA

Let our knowledgeable team be your guide, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Call us at 717-489-2849 right now if you need help with buyer credits for buying a home in York!

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